Thursday, March 18, 2010

Top 5 B-more Fem Cees

In no particular order other than alphabetly these are my top 5 Bmore Fem Cees

1. B-FLY
Lyrically she nice and she rhymes about real women shit. Not just how many dicks she can lick but real life shit. From Up against the win, to Cut N Paste, Get Buck Get Free, Natural Chic. First artist to come out of a elevator. Till this day I have not seen that done. First female emcee in Baltimore to rock with a live Band, 3back up singers she just dope. Really looking forward to her new stuff.

2. Get Em Mammies
Ter Awesome is in my car right now. They are the business. They have been able to brand themselves beyond the realms of the "local hip hop spots" but every where. There in Philly, Rolling Stones and everywhere your favorite emcee wants to be. There fan base is ridiculous these girls are the truth.

3. Ms. Stress
The Madam she just a lyrical beast. I have seen her demolish emcee's. One time it was so bad Ms. Stress started battling her self. The best damn battle I have seen.

4. Mzery Loves Company
I'm glad that Mzery has found her lane now she killing it. With her all female live band her live show is one of the best in Baltimore. She is a great example of artist going against the status quo.

5. Si-Notes
I love Si-Notes style, her boldness and personality. She got the ability to speak for all the hooded girls around the world. Looking forward to see what she