Wednesday, December 31, 2008

08 Rap Up , 09 Divine Destination

08 was a very quiet year. Pretty much took things easy no new projects basically a time to relax, reflect, and enjoy family and friends. There were some interesting things that occur.

I met my boyfriend and soon to be more (details on that coming in the near future)Became an on air personality for Baltimore's 92Q,Taught some kids film production over the summer, Visited family, went back to school and move out my parents house.

Produce my first and last fashion shows for the girls I mentor at New Era Academy.

Priscilla and I waited to we got all way to Miami to start bugging out.

Afterwards Buzi, Prissy and I party like we lost our minds and I got served
(inside joke)

I really enjoyed my year of relaxing, reflecting, enjoying family and friends but now 09 is here and it's time to get back into action.

2009 Location:Divine Destination

Health- LOOSE 20-30 pounds by running Tues, Thurs and Sunday and joining some type of group exercise; Pilate's , Defense training and Yoga.
Transition into organic eating, eat more fruits, vegetables, fish, lay off of the sugar, sweet cakes and meats.

Relationship- getting ready for that next step with my significant.

Wealth- Continue to pay of bills and student loans. Come up with new business ideas to get money. Purchase electronics that I need to build my media power house. Also fill out for scholarships and find ways to go to college for free.

Education- Continue to go school

Job- Look for a new one that fits my needs and start to build my own buisness.

Goals- Start my new documentary “Shake Off the movement” a film about Baltimore Club dances. Start my radio show “Politickin with Civil Jones”. Continue to update my blog and transition it into a Global Media outlet.

This year is all about health, wealth and working towards setting up my future; so my family and I can live comfortably, happy, blessed and surrounded by peace.
Last but certainly not least get my beautiful black ass back in church.



Jaye Hunnie said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR CIV-CIV!!! Best wishes with all your plans in the New Year. You are doin' it big, gyrl! And what's this I see about you getting ready to jump the broom? Awwww congrats!

Civ said...

Hey Jaye!!! Last night I was thinking bout our OOWE days and realized that was a great time in my life. Wondering what happen. So don't be surprise if you get a phone call in the near future about revising wink wink.
Oh yeah that broom is close to falling to the floor.