Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Get familiar With Black Talk Radio: Cathy Hughes

I've been working for Radio One since 2002 and met Ms. Hughes on several occasion. Every time I meet her I feel like I'm in the presence of great wisdom. She is persistence and determine in the causes she believes in. She is so down to earth and tells it how it is. Her latest fight is against HR 848 in which The international record labels are asking Congress for a handout (H.R. 848) and they want to take it from your local radio stations.
That may mean YOUR favorite station will have to cut back on the music they play or the community services they provide. Now i know most people don't listen to radio, however these stations will not be effected as much as the Gospel stations, and talk radio. In which Most of these stations are own by black people.

Cathy Hughes is the founder and chairperson of Radio One, Inc., the largest African-American owned and operated broadcast-company in the nation. Radio One is the first African-American company in radio history to dominate several major markets simultaneously. Also, for the first time in the history of radio, a #1 ranked major market station is owned by a woman. In 1995, Radio One purchased WKYS in Washington, D.C. for $40 million -- the largest transaction between two Black companies in broadcasting history. Her newest venture is TV One, Inc., launched on January 19, 2004, in partnership with Comcast, the nation’s largest pay-television provider. TV One caters to the adult lifestyles of African Americans offering quality programming such as “B. Smith with Style,” and an array of original programming. Hughes is on the board of TV One, is the Executive Producer of “The Gospel of Music with Jeff Majors,” and also hosts TV One’s interview show, “TV One on One.”

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