Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September 9, 2009

There will be a confrontation between good and evil, in a very definite way, and there will be nothing vague about it. This can occur on a personal or worldwide level. But since there are both beginnings and endings represented in this date, this event will mark the end of one era and the beginning of a new chapter -- in other words, those negative 2s will act as a combined catalyst for change ... and healing. beginning and end will bring us greater awareness on individual levels. We'll have to re-examine the realities of the choices we've each made, and the consequences for choices on a personal, national and international level as well. This may be because this day might shake our sense of security.
But in this sense of shake-up, we'll experience a moment where we truly feel part of a global community: all the differences we recognize between countries, cultures, races and religions will be momentarily forgotten as we see a baseline of similarity between all people. This is the positive charge of September 9, 2009: a positive volt felt 'round the world!
Because 2 is a number of connection -- and because for the next millennium, it will figure heavily in both birthdates (effecting individuals) and in general dates (effecting the worldwide community), our next few centuries will be defined by a sense of brotherhood and peace on a global scale.
Consider the last millennium. The number 1 had a lot of bearing, and 1 is a hard, driven and uncompromising number. In the last thousand years, humankind really pushed for individualism, freedom (often without compromise), confrontation and independence. By contrast, a millennium marked by 2 will emphasize diplomacy, sensitivity and healing.
The changes will be gradual, but luckily, we'll all be alive to see them take shape! Be wary and savvy on September 9, 2009 -- and reap the benefits of a sudden shift!

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