Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lil Kim, O.O.W.E and Brown F.I.S.H

Equals a great weekend.

Starting of with dinner with the ladies of O.O.W.E at Valentinos where I had the best damn Crab Cake ever. We were drinking our wines, laughing at good times and talking a little sh**.

Then we all headed over to Joe Square Pizza for O.O.H of Brown F.I.S.H album release. Lots of beautiful people in the building and everybody seemed to be having a good ass time. It reminded me of the old Baltimore Scene when Hip Hop shows where the place to be and if you missed them, you felt like an asshole for not going.

Then I headed out to see the Queen B “Lil Kim” whose album was one of the soundtracks to my high school career. DJ Big L was playing hits after hits and I in return resorted back to my ass shaking days. I could not help it he was killing it and so was Lil Black he did a really good job of hosting the event and then it started to go down hill.

I never understood why you would have a fashion show at the club wtf nobody going to buy that shit, get back to playing music. Then some random ass acts came out some R&B chick (can’t remember her name) but I do remember the paper being thrown at her. Angel Lola Luv and Los=Boring I kept asking myself wtf is she saying. For real that shit burns me up when folks who have know lyric talent think that this Hip Hop shit easy. Yo sit your ass down and go read a Hip Hop for Dummies book somewhere. Then Bossman was very disappointing. I kept thinking maybe he had too much to drink etc… but as my homie B-FLY said, (who is a very dope emcee and needs to bring her ass out of retirement) “This is what happens when an artist does not know how to rock with a live band step your mic game up!”

So after the almost destruction of the microphone and stage “Lil KIM the Queen B finally came out and rap her ass off killing all of my favorites: Get Money, Crush On You, Queen Bitch, Jump Off, Magic Stick, It’s All About the Benjamin’s, Lighters Up, she kept saying “What yall want to hear? You know I got hits after hits” and she did. Lil Kim is one of the best to ever do it and she deserves a lot of respect. She is a season artists that embraces and captivates you. She gave us one of the classic Hip Hop albums "Hardcore"(no matter who wrote it) that albums bumps to this day.
All hail the Queen.

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