Sunday, August 31, 2008

Its All About Me

Wow so I’m finally getting off of my lazy ass and creating my first post. (Breath) OK before I start putting some meat to this site I decided I should let you guys know a little about the Kid. I’m probably going to go real fast so please read the disclaimer before you move on…..Now that we got that out the way let’s get to it.

My name is Civil Jones …I got this name when I was about 16 I use to run with a group of chicas and we called ourselves Sista Souljah. Real rowdy butch of girls and out of all of them most people said I was more of the civilize one. Hence the name Civil and Jones is my last name. Also I use to study with the 5 Percenters and that was my new born name (More on that later). So to some it all up, I call myself Civil Jones because I'm a balance of what the hip culture is missing commercialism and conscience ...One day you might catch me rocking a dashiki with fro or a hair weave and gold teeth.

I like to think of myself as the queen of all positive media (you got to speak your destiny into existences). I have been in the game for about 10years and for the most part I done everything I wanted to do up to this point. I been on radio, interview a couple of celebrities, created my own Internet show Urban Voices and now it is time to do bigger and better things.

I produced a documentary “Even a Man Can Do This” a two part documentary showcasing the dedication and sacrifices that women in the Baltimore Hip Hop scene experience, while dealing with today's music industry. One part offers a behind the scene look at me, Documentarien /Radio Personality Civil Jones as I embark on my second annual all female Hip Hop show case. The second part presents an in depth look on what females really think about the issues facing women in the music industry as told through the voices of women from the Baltimore Hip Hop Community.

So that's just a little bit of info right there, any thing else you wanna know holla at me.

About this blog...I can't really label it what ever I find fascinating I'll blog about, whatever artist sign or unsigned that's worth mentioning, I'll blog about, where ever I go in the world I'll blog about, politics, entertainment, fashion , music whatever is clever I'll blog about.

Welcome to Civil

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superdefstar said...

this is my new shit yo i got to do something anything you need i on it i got an idea but i don't want folks reading this to copy so you know ill hit you up via phone so keep it crunk and check your email im gonna foward some shit im going to work now but ill hit ya tonight