Monday, September 1, 2008

Should Ex-Offenders have the right to vote?

This previous Saturday I ran across a BET news special, "Locked Out: Ex Cons & The Vote". (Side note: Shouts out to BET there programing has gotten much better over the years). Any who after watching the special I formulated my own opinion about this subject. Yes I do believe that ex-offenders should keep there right to vote but this comes with some simulations. Murders, child molesters, rapist should loose their right but those with drug charges and other petty offenses should keep theirs. However, it should only be reastated after they remain crime free for a certain amount of years. What Do You think? Below is the link (I'm still trying to figure out how to post some videos).


Anonymous said...

I think so...the right should not be taken away - no matter what! Blacks are found to be targeted by police anyway; thus, more of our folks are behind bars, which means that we lose our voice.

Civ said...

Totally agree…Another ploy from the powers that be to keep people of color down.