Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Maple syrup diet and Me

Yes, yes, yes I tried it but in a modify version. I did it for more for the cleansing benefits rather than weight loss. However weight loss did occur…10 pounds exactly. Here are the directions I followed;

10 Day Cleanse

Organic grade B Maple syrup
Uniodized sea salt
Spring/purified water
Smooth Move ( cleansing herbal tea)
Cayenne pepper

I got my ingredients from the whole foods store. In which I love but got damn its expensive (I need to do more research on this organic craze…do we really need it?)

Morning Routine -Drink the saline rinse, 32 oz water 2tsp uniodized sea salt
Throughout the day, Drink 6-12 glasses of cleansing lemonade
8 oz. water
½ lemon
Pinch cayenne pepper
2 Tablespoons of syrup
Evening Drink, Drink a cup of smooth move herbal tea

Ok in short this is how my cleanse went:
The first day I was so pumped to try this cleanse I could not wait to drink my salt water, lemonade concoction and do the damn thing. I told my self that I would fast in the morning and eat a good salad at night.
Well I did not quite go like that …I did fast in the morning but at night I ate chicken tenders, chocolate chips cookies and a salad on a side. I did feel bad but I trick myself into believing that I could eat what I wanted because I was making up for miss calories. However after the first couple a days I got my mind right and laid off the fattening foods. Around 9:00pm I drunk my smooth move herbal tea and relaxed.
5:35 in Morning I woke up with crazy, thunderous movements in my bowels and release everything form the high heavens. Whoa and this lasted until noon. Every 20 min I was running to the bathroom. This lasted for about 4 days. Then it got to the point that I was going every hour in the morning.

I could not bring myself to just drinking the lemonade concoction …I mean come on now that is just plain starvation. Plus my good friend Pretty P always says, “I don’t wont to loose weight by eating things I don’t like and starving, I just want to modify my diet”. I agree plus all I could think about was if I starve my self on this diet the next time I eat I’m going to gain all that weight back and I just could not do that to my thighs.
So I ate lunch and dinner mostly salads with lean meats and snacked on nuts and fruits.

All in all I felt good once I finish (I only did it for 7days). I felt lighter, weight loss, my skin was flawless, I was more cautious about the food I was eating, plus I been regular ever since. So I’m good and I’m going to implant this cleanse in my life probably doing it twice a year.

If you want to know more holla at me and if you decide to do this cleanse, modify it to your likening. Some days I would omit the tea and salt water other days I would fast for longer periods of time. But the most important fact is stay near the bathroom!!!!!


Anonymous said...

LMBO. I tried this diet before and only lasted a day on it. It's good to hear that it worked for somebody :-)

Civ said...

It was hard but well worth it.

Bestkeptsecret said...

I want to try the diet but I'm not sure how long I'll last. Did you say you lost 10 pounds? Were you also exercising?

Civ said...

No I kind of took it easy. I did this because I had to get weighed for the USAR...I passed. However later that week I gain those pounds back. I think if you treat this as a jump start to losing weight you should be okay. But don't depend on it exclusively.