Sunday, March 8, 2009

Angela Davis and me!!!!

I had the opportunity to see the legendary Angela Davis Speak at Towson University this past week. I have to admit I left feeling hungry...I was not able to sit at her table and get my grub on. I think if I was a lesbian, feminist and did not believe in capital punishment... The speech would have been a hit. Despite all of that I'm still excited to say that I got to see Angie and she did drop some jewels within her speech. Here are some:

"Stop treating Obama like the messiahs"
"1 in 31 adults are under the control of some correctional agency"
"1 in 11 black are under control of some correctional agency"
"Racism is not over"

My biggest complaint I had with Angela is that she was not relatable.There was it any new wine being poured out. She talked about getting rid of the prison system but never talked about the alternative and maybe she goes further with her belief in her new book "Abolition-Democracy-Prisons-Torture-Interviews" in which I will pick up to further understand where she was coming from.
But I can not imagine living in a world where there is no prison system. Yes I do believe that the current system is not working and needs to be revamp. But I do not believe that rapist, molester can or need to be rehabilitated and killers can be forgiven but need to spend the rest of their lives in prison or where there victims are. However, there needs to be some type of alternative routes other then jail and more job programs for those who commit petty crimes, sell drugs, etc... they should not be given outrages prisons terms and other bogus charges. How in the hell does someone slanging a bag a rocks gets more time then some one who is living out his sexual frustrations on a 5 year old girl or boy? That's crazzzzyy
So I want to know your thoughts, opinions, 2cents on the Prison system, Feminist Movement, racism or Angela Davis chat away.
Again there are probably a lot of run on sentences and other grammatical errors ...Please refer to my disclaimer
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