Friday, March 6, 2009

Where the hell you been????

Hanging out with

Yes I'm in the United States Army Reserve and that's is the reason I have not been able to chit chat with you. But the kid is back and I found this very interesting this picture says a lot

There has been no war fought by or within the United States in which African Americans did not participate. Salute to Crispus Attucks

The first martyr of the American Revolution and is the only Boston Massacre victim whose name is commonly remembered. He is regarded as an important and inspirational figure in American history.
Salute to the Buffalo Soldiers

They were established by Congress as the first peacetime all-black regiments in the regular U.S. Army.Some sources assert that the nickname was given out of respect for the fierce fighting ability of the 10th cavalry.Other sources assert that Native Americans called the black cavalry troops "buffalo soldiers" because of their dark curly hair, which resembled a buffalo's coat. Still other sources point to a combination of both legends. The term Buffalo Soldiers became a generic term for all African-American soldiers
Salute to the Tuskegee Airmen

The first African American combat pilots in the United States Army Air Force, that fought in World War II. Salute to the all my Sistas, Mothers, Daughters and Home Girls in the army

They served as nurses, clerks hostess and other jobs.However as I was searching i could not find a lot of info about Black women early history in the Army. I know we are there. More on that later.
Last but not least a BIG SALUTE goes out to all my veterans, war hero's, fallen soldiers, disable vets and everybody whose serving overseas.
PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS and while you at it send them a USO package

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