Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nigerian Hood Movies aka Nollywood

While I was in Binta African Hair Salon getting every piece of my scalp braided up, I got the pleasure to watch "My Baby Boy" a Nigerian hood movie. Coming straight from Nollywood more on that later. Now "My Baby Boy" was very entertaining. I consisted of 3 story lines in one. A little much but very interesting to say the least. One story line was about this man whore who has all these women and two of his women happen to be roommates and he gets caught. Another was about these two twins females one is a straight whore and sleeps with her sister man and he ask like he does not know. Lastly was about a father and daughter who have been sleeping with each other for the past 11 years. The fathers starts cheating, the daughters gets upset and is out for blood. My system was in overload from all of the foolywaginish that was going on. I would like to see these films go into a little more depth instead of your average Jerry Springer episode. Nerveless I have to give props where it's do and Nollywood definitely gets 4 Bobby Brown Humps.

About Nollywood it emerged in the 1990s. It stems from the traveling theater a vibrant tradition of plays that are performed from village to village. The plays began to be put on VHS tape and now Nollywood is the 3rd largest film industry
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