Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Cathy Hughes Icon Awards

Was held last night here in Baltimore Maryland at Timothy Dean's Bistro. The Cathy Hughes Icon Award celebrates those radio personalities that go beyond the air waves and exemplifies the spirit of Cathy Hughes. Who is a women of vision, purpose, success and a trail blazer in the communication field. This year award recipients was Tim Watts: Personality Magic 95.9, Neke Howse: Programmer of WERQ 92 Q Jams and now is the Program Director for DC'S WKYS 93.9 (Go Nek), Konan: Personality 92 Q Jams, and Alfred Liggins, Radio One Inc. CEO.
The award show was founded by ACE Group- working to establish an Arts, Culture, & entetrainment district in Baltimore owned and operated by African Americans ( I love it and will support anything they do. SwaggNation - a young adult advocacy movement that encourages full participation in this nations call for government. The host were Larry Young ACE_ Group Chair and Ian Yearwood aka Eman SwaggNation, Founder. The Invocation was given by Rev. Anthony McCarthy presenters where Keller, Michael Roberts, Paula Campbell, Kelson, and Ladawn Black. There where a lot of heavy weights in attendance last nite several senators, Joan Carter Conway first African American woman to be appointed chairman of any of the standing committees in the Maryland Senate, Jazz from Dru Hill, Dewitt A Pettit (Johnny Cochran of Baltimore, Travis Winkey and his model, Lady B of Shero's, Marc Clarke and many more. I'm so glad that I have had the privilege of working with these all these recipients over the years. I have learn so much from them and they all deserve to be recognize and honor. I hope one day I will be too. Congratulations!!!!!

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