Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hip Hop Chaser: The Master Competition

Lately I been going to different events around Baltimore City, Sunday I went to the Master Competition. The Master Competition is a intense MC Battle that test the different skills using on the spot challenges/harsh judge feedback/obstacles etc. Must Impress primarily a large group of MCs. Writers/Lyricist (other than MCs) and media/DJs. Created by The Baltimore Scene the winner of the battle takes home $1000. I judge last year where the winner was A-Class. This year was a little different where each round had a winner and they went home with $100. It was a close competition with Kane and Troy being the last MC left. However Troy also know as God Flow brought out some super human rhymes and won that battle and crown as being the Master MC of 2009. Very good look for the Hip Hop scene here in Maryland. Check out The Baltimore scene website for a in depth review of the competition and to find out about upcoming shows
Kane on the right The winner Troy with mic in his hand

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