Monday, December 28, 2009

Bull Shit!!

ABC News interviewed 4 Black women who admit to NOT HAVING A RELATIONSHIP IN OVER A DECADE becasue black black are not any good, they not on there level etc..
I refuse to believe that there are not any good black man out there to marry. Ladies stop saying this otherwise this will become your reality.In fact,the marriage rates amongst black women are up after reaching an all-time low of 46% in the mid 1990s - the Black marriage rate has GROWN STEADILY since then, and is now close to 50% for the first time since the 1970s.


Superdefstar said...

yoooo. i feel you.. i love that you been postin alot lately..

Anonymous said...

I feel them but there are great black men out there. They are highly accomplished but they are not looking for regular accomplished black men, they are looking for super rich black men, CEO, professional athlete, etc. making millions. They would rather be accomplished by their selves than with a man just as accomplished.

Evan said...

Atlanta is another stratosphere. These women should know better. It's too many black women down there. They need to move.