Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What do you think about Nicki Minaj

I asked this question on my facebook page "Civ Jones" and here is what my you said:

Latisha Lillian Bellamy
I cant get with the whole 'Barbie' kick and those crazy wigs..She is talented and beautiful the way she was!

Jennifer Moore
She talented but over rated. She does not have her own identity. When u look at her u think of who she reminds you of....You don't say this chick is unique...

Amber Pennington
she is ok but I still think Trina got her beat. I listened to some of her mix tape and its not all that.

Jsoul Black Sinatra
speaking from a mans perspective.... i watch her videos "with the sound down", Thats the only way it makes sense to me.

Tigga Smaller
I agree Jennifer she is a knock off of another female rapper no name needed.....cant say I care for her too much....I think I only got down wit one track she got.

Candace Smith
I love Minaj!

Clairee Jones
honestly ii lyke her! alot of ppl hatiin on her && 4what? she da only female rapper dats really puttiin shyt out riite now! ii fuqks wiit triina 2 && thiinks she's betta den niickii but whea iis she.............???

Shy LadyHeroin
I think she is talented... she can spit & sing. But she lacks in originality. She's like a bootleg Kim & Wayne combined. & she's so focused on being a Barbie her music has no substance.

Jaye Hunnie
I agree that she can spit but she 's not what I consider a serious emcee. Her voice/delivery can get annoying after awhile but I can't knock her hustle. As far as image, she's gorgeous and I think the whole Barbie thing is all in fun. Apparently it's working because she's got the Hip Hop world buzzing. All this hoopla is definitely not a result of her rhymes. lol

Tigga Smaller
well I have to say that I am not hatin on her bc she has nothing I want. Just dont really care for her. Maybe if she come out wit something new I might borrow the cd and check her out but I am not gonna run out and buy her stuff

Robert Dickerson
She is a Beast when it comes to looks....but I think she is a female artiste about her cake...I bet she is sweet I would take a piece...BLITZ LOL....

I said
Interesting comments. I think she ok for as being entertaining but as for as substance she lacks it. I remember being introduce to her music 3 years ago I thought with a little more structure and if she can find away to carve out her on lane she could be great. However I... See More’m realizing she doing what everybody else is doing being a follower and not a leader. It’s good party music though and like Tigga said I might borrow her CD

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