Monday, April 20, 2009

G-Spot have you hit it?

Over the weekend I went to a "Slumber Party" bka the Toy Party. Now this is a gathering where women come together and get all of there materials they need to make sex more pleasurable. I usually go to support the friend who's throwing it, eat up all her food, drink up all the wine and talk major shit.I'm not really into the dildos, vibrators, nipple rings, penis pumps etc...However if I was I would have to check out this new gadget called Endless Pleasure.This toy has it all.The shaft thrusts up and down the first toy on the market that does this ...WOW. The stimulating beads rotate and the head gyrates.It has Eight speeds of clitoral stimulation. It Lights up and 9" long shaft and Lifetime Warranty. Damn..but I'm not in to all of that but if I was...

Anyways I wanted to let you know where to find the G-Spot if you already didn't know.It is located between 12-2. Like the clock on the wall aim there and you'll hit all the time. No Lie!!! Also no matter how big are small a man lower extremities is only 3 inches is getting in there any ways.The rest is just excess.

Send me a email at if you want to book a party. The hostess we had was great. She spoke from experience and you could tell that she wasn't just there to get your money.

Civ...Find it!!!

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