Monday, April 6, 2009

Obama the Deceiver?

The full length

OK so I finally finish watching the "Obama Deception" and it was very interesting. I think the idea behind the film is just to get you to think. I'm not saying that I believe everything this film says's about Obama I'm not saying I don't either. However I will continue to educate myself on all things concerning the government and my Civil liberties.
Below is 10 points that the film highlights that has to be completed by this administration before the 8 years are up.

1. Bring the USA under complete control of a private off shore Bank known as the bank of the world.

2. More taxes on everything, police state, mandatory basic training in the private Army for citizens 16-25 at least 3months. check

3. Gun Control/ Should the police and Army be the only people allowed to carry guns?

4. Restriction on the Free Speech Amendment that regulates speech on talk radio, television, the Internet...check the "Fairness Doctrine"

5. Federalize Health care that makes sure your doctor is doing what the Federal Government deems appropriate for your health concerns and it is cost effective.

6. Station more troops overseas to encircle Russia, China, and Iran. The complete take over of Africa.

7. Control over Family Farms with animal Id System Act.

8. The Merger of the USA, Canada, and Mexico none as the North American Trade.

9. Be the front man and take the heat from the public for the Bilderburg Group acts

10. Sell the Globalist agenda to the world.

We should investigate all information for our self. We can not allow our government to feed us pipe dreams while we loose are freedoms in the process. So I decided that I'm going to get reacquainted with the Constitution and Bill of Rights to be knowledgeable in these things. Because whether you believe in the Illuminati or the sinister motives of the Bilderberg conference, you can’t deny the level of globalization that has taken money out of the majority and given it to people that don’t actually DO anything.

My people perish from a lack of knowledge. Hosea 4 v 6

Side Note: I would love to see a biblical movie that explains these times....


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