Wednesday, April 1, 2009

G.S stay fresh!!!!

This my Ode to all the female Artist that grace the Baltimore Hip Hop Scene. First up "Golden Seal" Introducing Ja Alah-Ai a.k.a. Jahli

"ReflectSon's Ambition"

My theme Song
"Sistas Pimpen" feat. OOH of Brown F.I.S.H Picture Bishop Don Juan with some Gucci Boots on you ain't neva see no sistas pimpen...loved it!!!!

When we say sistas pimpin we are speakin to the women who are grinding, focused, confident, working, hustling, struggling to make life a better place. She's the chic that commands all the attention when she steps in the room....she knows how to swing them hips, raise the babies and negotiate her own deals on the regular. She has her pick of men... She loves real HARD but beware ...some say she's a heart breaker.... she's beautiful and wise, HUMBLE and assertive when appropriate."Golden Seal"
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