Friday, April 17, 2009

Organic what the big fuss?

Does it really matter if I use organics products? I mean it's expensive and I have had 2 bad incidents using them.
Tom’s Nature Deodorant.
So I got the memo that using antiperspirant is not good for your pits because it causes blockage and whole bunch of other shit that can possibly cause some harm. So I said, “OK I'm start using a natural product for my pits”. So I bought this Tom product and week later my underarms were burning and a layer of skin came off. No lie I called my bf Superdefstar (read her blog yo) told her what happen cause she a big organic freak and all she could say was, “Damn”. Yeah damn my underarms are burning and my skin is on my shirt. So I’m like funk that no more using products that I have not been tested on else am I supposed to know if it has any side effects ...I kid I kid (Civ loves the animals…Meerkat manor is the shit).
Organic milk.
I'm lactose intolerant so I have no business drinking milk in the first but I love Honey Nut Cheerios. So I bought this $5.00 gallon of Organic Milk and after I got done eating I threw the whole thing up and my stomach was on hurt mold. I'm thinking it just me then my boyfriend ate a bowel and he threw it up. So I called Superdefstar (read her blog yo) told her what happen and she like damn. Yeah damn that shit cost $5.00. So after I did a little research on this organic craze, I decided that since I'm going to eat meat I'll buy that organically can't being eating chicken that filled with a whole bunch of hormones (that's why these 12 and 13 year old girls are walking around with double d's) later on that. Also my fruits and vegetables got to stay away from the pesticides.
What about you, organic or not?
Here are some useful facts

Organic food refers to food items that are produced, processed and packaged without using chemicals.
A lot of the major brand stores are caring Organic foods cheaper than your Whole Foods and Traders Joe's. The Giants has a aisle filled with organics products and when you compare the price to regular food it's just about the same or cheaper.
Here are some food you should buy organically:
Beef: The EPA says beef has more pesticides than any plant foods.
Milk - Cheese - Butter: Pesticides, antibiotics & hormones
Coffee: Usually imported from 3rd world countries without strict pesticide regulations. (look for "fair trade" label)
Peaches, Apples, Bell Peppers ,Celery ,Strawberries, Lettuce, Grapes, Potatoes, Tomatoes these food you eat the skin and it contains a lot of pesticides. inform

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